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Award-winning, cloud-based title management system for publishers, sales agents and distributors around the world.

Not only will information about your books have a greater reach than ever before, having a single repository for all that information will allow you to collaborate more effectively from wherever you are. You can concentrate on publishing and selling great books rather than struggling with your systems.

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“Hassle free, and responsive, I can’t recommend them enough.  I’m spending resources on marketing books better now, not trying to make feeds work.”
Claire Thompson, Marketing Director, Turnaround Publisher Services, UK


BooksoniX Publishing Software
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This is software as a service, with the emphasis on service.

We will help you to get your data into the system from whatever form it is currently in, we will coach you in improving your data to keep your recipients happy and we will set up as many feeds as you like with your business partners. All feeds are tailored to recipients’ individual needs and are fully automated. By default, we are fully compliant with ONIX 2.1 and ONIX 3.0 and can send supporting media such as cover images, inside spreads and ebook files.

With over a decade of experience servicing the publishing industry we have a global reach, with BooksoniX customers spread across 5 continents.

Starting from as little as £500 per year, get in touch to see how we can streamline your work.

“It always makes things so much easier when our publishers use BooksoniX!”
Joe Matthews, CEO, Independent Publishers Group, USA


Nielsen Book UK study: The Importance Of Metadata For Discoverability And Sales

Nielsen published a study into how the accuracy and timeliness of bibliographic metadata has a direct impact on sales. Read the report to better understand the link between metadata and increased book sales.

Our product and modules

A single cloud-based application to manage your entire catalogue including bibliographic data and metadata feeds, workflow and production schedules, author contracts, automated generation and sending of royalty statements, rights management, proposal management, email alerting and contact management. Everything stored securely in the cloud and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing your team to collaborate like never before.

Bibliographic data management

The easy to use, intuitive user-interface helps you add all the necessary data and guides you to the optimal result. BooksoniX allows you to set up templates that fill in many of the mundane fields so that you can concentrate on the bits that make your product stand out.

  • Single repository for your bibliographic metadata
  • Create templates for creating new titles
  • Automatic mapping of Thema codes
  • Data coaching to help you meet minimum and gold standards for all your data recipients.
  • Say goodbye to keeping track of shared spreadsheets.

“The file looks great! Which isn’t surprising – we always get good files from BooksoniX.”
Product Data Manager, Barnes & Noble

Data dissemination

Automatically send metadata, cover images and ebook files to your business partners and effortlessly keep them informed of any updates, with BooksoniX working in the background to transform your data to suit each recipient.

  • No more juggling file formats, spreadsheets or images
  • Images automatically resized and renamed before delivery
  • Each feed is covered by a detailed report outlining any issues in your data that may need your attention.
  • Unlimited feeds, all managed and maintained by the BooksoniX support team

“I can really vouch that the BooksoniX team do one of the best jobs I’ve seen for managing ONIX”
Salma Yaqubi, Data Manager, Independent Publishers Group, USA

Marketing materials

Effortlessly create AI sheets, tip sheets, press releases, catalogues, order forms, and more, direct from your data.

  • Completely customisable templates to match your house styling
  • Generated documents will always reflect your most up to date information
  • Automatically adjust styling and information per imprint, category, market etc.
  • Allow your team to generate marketing materials with the most up to date information, wherever they are

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Set up royalty rules, import sales data then automatically calculate royalty liabilities, generate and email statements and use the reports to set up bank payments.

  • Import sales figures and calculate the royalties owed to your authors
  • Automatically generate and email statements to your authors and receive a full sending report
  • Very flexible settings to cover different contract types

Workflow & production management

Never again miss a deadline because it slipped your mind. Automated reminders when tasks are due and tools to highlight the bottlenecks in your planning.

  • BooksoniX alerts you when deadlines are overrunning and you are in danger of not publishing your book on time
  • Include all your staff and free-lancers in the production schedules
  • Use default templates and timings specific to your different product types
  • Stop tripping each other up in shared spreadsheets by using a single unified platform, integrated with your title management

Plus much more

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  • Royalties
  • Proposals
  • Email alerting
  • Rights management
  • Contacts
  • Work-flow & Production Scheduling
  • Publishing Management