Nielsen Book UK study: The Importance Of Metadata For Discoverability And Sales

Nielsen published a study into how the accuracy and timeliness of bibliographic metadata has a direct impact on sales. To find out how you should be benefiting from this effect, read the report here: Nielsen Book UK study: The Importance Of Metadata For Discoverability And Sales.

BooksoniX was launched in 2007 and has emerged as the leading ONIX solution in the Cloud. But there is more...

Starting off as a bibliographic database to disseminate data in ONIX format, and building on 30 years of experience of creating software solutions for the publishing industry, BooksoniX has grown into a publishing solution for publishers, distributors, and sales agents around the world. It has many features created with proven, industry standard tools, and where there are none available we create our own.

BooksoniX is a single point of data entry to give your titles the best visibility in the marketplace. Once our customers' data is in BooksoniX, it is available for so many other purposes than just dissemination including marketing materials, spreadsheets, websites, email alerts, and much more.

BooksoniX is software as a service, with the emphasis on service with full telephone support included, not just email. We will help you to get your data on board from whatever form it is currently in, we will coach you in improving your data to keep your recipients happy and we will set up as many feeds as you like with your business partners. All feeds are tailored to recipients' individual needs and are fully automated. We are fully compliant with ONIX 2.1 and ONIX 3.0 by default.

You don't need to worry about emerging data requirements, your system will automatically be updated to incorporate new features such as Thema and updates to the ONIX spec.

We will help you sell more books.

BooksoniX modules
BooksoniX data-flow

What our customers say

Regular publisher ONIX feeds from BooksoniX always validate perfectly and move into production ensuring seamless integration into our bibliographic databases. This ensures libraries and retailers are receiving the most accurate and rich book information to aid selection and collection development decisions.

Doug McMillan, VP and Managing Director, Bowker UK and International

BooksoniX helps us to get information for the titles they represent into our workflows as quickly as possible, which aids the dissemination of records to libraries, booksellers and other customers. It’s great to work with such a responsive company.

Eric Green, I T and Business Development Manager, BDS

BooksoniX is an invaluable tool. For many years now I have used it day in day out. It’s my bible!

Having worked with BooksoniX now for several years, we have always enjoyed consistent, professional and extremely prompt support. The system itself has given us the freedom and control to manage our mountain of bibliographic data in a far more organised, effective and accurate manner and the team have helped us to make it work specifically for our business in numerous ways. The BooksoniX team are a pleasure to work with and are always willing to help find solutions to any issues that arise, however big or small.

We have put a key focus this year on BooksoniX and ensuring we are optimising our metadata and its dissemination. The results have been immediate – by working through and ensuring we are providing both the right quantity and quality of data, our online sales increased from month one as well as the number of individual orders being received on a daily basis by our distributor.

Nielsen contacted me regarding a new facility they offer to review the accuracy of our book data. I had a look at our performance for the last 12 months, which showed us starting at 60%, declining gently through the year, until our Onix feed [from BooksoniX] kicked in, and bang - three straight months at 100%! Fine proof that the system works.

The production of sales materials is such a simple process that our sales representatives are able to create their own materials as and when they need them, saving man hours and paper / postage.

Now that we know what BooksoniX is capable of, I don’t know how we did without it for so long. The more we use it, the more impressed we are. It’s given us complete control of our metadata, and the ability to update it whenever necessary. The BooksoniX team have been responsive and helpful from the start.

"I think BooksoniX is a great solution for publishers , and it will improve productivity here immeasurably."

Greg Bain, University of Queensland Press

“With great responsiveness and timely updates, BooksoniX has become an integral part of our business, from work-flow tracking, bibliodata collection and distribution, through marketing materials.”

Margaret Bryant, Director of Sales and Marketing, Dundurn, Canada

“Many thanks for bearing with us while we reviewed all the proposals received. This process has allowed us to review the systems provided by a number of suppliers and has highlighted that BooksoniX provided the outstanding overall proposal. It clearly demonstrates that BooksoniX allows us to address a key priority for us to provide our book data to the market using the Onix standard, but also our wider title management needs as well.

Our expectation at the outset of this selection process was to have a supplier presentation stage. However, after consultation with my colleagues, we felt we could discount this step and progress with BooksoniX as our preferred supplier. We very quickly realised that we had made a very astute decision.”

“From the outset, the people at BooksoniX have been remarkably understanding and adaptable to our needs. In addition to their excellent product, their advice has been invaluable. We have to manage large amounts of disparate title data and BooksoniX has become an essential tool, saving us hundreds of man hours every year. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.”

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BooksoniX is the bibliographic list management service in the Cloud that you can access from wherever you are.
  • No software to install or servers to maintain.
  • No more phone calls to the office to check on data.
  • It is accessed securely through any modern web browser.

BooksoniX data-flow

Data Distribution & Ingestion

Be part of the information highway with validated ONIX feeds to and from trading partners, data agencies, etc.

Many data recipients are willing to talk about the quality of the data that we deliver, be it ONIX v2.1 or ONIX v3 or even spreadsheets. We believe that we need to be flexible to accommodate your trading partners in order to get your message out, but all the while maintaining standards and quality. That is why every BooksoniX customer is automatically ONIX v2.1 and ONIX v3 ready.

Our easy to use, intuitive user-interface helps you add all the necessary data and guides you to the optimal result. BooksoniX allows you to set up templates that fill in many of the mundane fields so that you can concentrate on the bits that make your product stand out. It is of course also possible to load data from a spreadsheet into BooksoniX.

For our customers that need to receive ONIX feeds from third parties, we can set up automated ingestion modules that validate and load the incoming data with detailed reports sent to you.

Authors & Contacts Management

Authors & Contacts Management

Having all the information on your authors, free-lancers, trading partners, and others available whenever you need it.

This module also allows for easy updates of your bibliographic data with biographies, professional associations, and many other interesting facts that can boost the standing of your author and the sales of your books. Greatly enhances consistency and accuracy by allowing you to update information for a contributor across all their titles in one go.

Spreadsheet import and export is of course also possible.

Foreign Rights Management

Rights Management

Publishing is a global business so we provide integrated tools to help you keep track of the global aspects of your business, rights you sold, or bought, to keep you well-informed. It is alo easy to create reports of titles sold to specific territories or trading partners

Automatically feed rights data to IPR License, Publishers Licencing Society, Copyright Clearing and others./p>

Effortlessly ensure that you always have your latest rights information available to you and your team.



Calculate the royalties and the money you owe your authors, or they owe you, and create professional statements with a minimum of effort.

Very flexible with default settings for to majority of contracts but with the possibiity to make exceptions for titles or authors. The sales data can be easily imported and the statements can be adjusted to reflect your house style. Ingest sales figures and instantly create reports and statements.

Work-flow & Production Scheduling

Work-flow & Production Scheduling

Never again miss a deadline because it slipped your mind. Automated reminders when tasks are due and tools to highlight the bottlenecks in your planning.

BooksoniX alerts you when deadlines are overrunning and you are in danger of not publishing your book on time. You can include staff and free-lancers in the schedule. The module also allows you to work with different templates and timings for products that need a short time-to-market whereas others can be set up with a longer timing.

Many publishers still use spreadsheets, and many have seen these start leading lives of their own with each team member having a different copy of the "master spreadsheet". BooksoniX work-flow will have the entire team working with the same information and it avoids confusion and misunderstanding. It will revolutionise your next production meeting.

Publishing Management

Publishing Management

Keep clear records of your production specifications, key dates, print runs, etc

Specific sections allow you to list your key team for a project, specify paper types, cover and binding details, schedule print runs, keep track of deliveries to your warehouse, and much more.

Marketing Materials - Sample 1
Marketing Materials - Sample 2
Marketing Materials - Sample 3
Marketing Materials - Sample 4
Marketing Materials - Sample 5

Marketing Materials

Create professional AI/TIP sheets, catalogues, order forms, press releases, and much more with data direct from your database, locked or editable. In a modern world, it is easy to send electronic copies the far corners of the world but sometimes you just want to be able to present a quality printed catalogue to hold and to browese. Our customers do both with the meterials we create for them. Each customer has their own look and house style; it is not "one size fits all", but tailored for the best results.

Social Media Linking & Alerting

Automated email campaigns

Create automated email campaigns and keep your readers that subscribe to the eamils informed of what you are about to publish in the next week, month, quarter. Flexible set-up and the possibility to create multiple profiles to include only those titles that you want to present to a certain group of readers. Direct from your BooksoniX application. Interact with your readers and create that bond that makes them come back for more.

Professional Web Presence - Sample 6
Instantaneously updated ONIX websites
ONIX websites
Professional Web Presence
Websites fed with ONIX

Professional Web Presence

In the digital age, any changes to your titles or catalogue should be effortlessly reflected in your web presence through your own website. We build attractive, professional websites and micro-sites with state-of-the-art search engine optimisation (SEO) that are fed direct from your BooksoniX database so that as soon as you update a book it is reflected on your website. Titles automatically appear as forthcoming or available depending on the publication date. We provide a user-friendly content management system for additional articles, and tracking to monitor the traffic to your website. Naturally e-commerce integration is possible either with your own web shop or via buy links to the major retailers. We also integrate with third party websites.

WordPress integration coming soon.

Unrivalled global reach

BooksoniX has a global network that works hard for you and your data.

Data recipients

We have a recipient list of hundreds of organisations who may be interested in receiving your data. If you have data recipients who are not on our list, leave it to us to get a data feed set up.

BooksoniX has connections with data recipients all around the world, many of whom will allow us to bypass the tests they normally impose on new feeds as they know how good the quality of our data is.

Once your books are in BooksoniX we will manage the process of setting up feeds for you. You will no longer have to worry about getting your data re-formatted for each recipient and making sure cover images are in the right format - we will automatically do that for you, each time a feed goes out. Imagine being able to just concentrate on publishing books knowing that BooksoniX is working away in the background to make sure all your partners have the latest information, automatically sent out as often as needed.

BooksoniX becomes your single point of data entry but opens up the world.


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The best way to find out more about BooksoniX is to let us tell you more about it. Use the form on the menu at the top of the screen to contact us and we can answer all your questions. Even better, let us arrange a web demo for you so that you can see the system in action and just how flexible and powerful it is.